We can help you identify and implement the latest and most efficient technologies that would serve your needs. Whether you would like to solve a compliance problem by licensing the latest and most efficient technologies, or to develop your great invention into a real product and penetrate new markets, Transcarbon can help you grow your ideas and your business. We can assist you in developing commercialization and licensing strategies, in analyzing target markets and raising capital, and in evaluating technologies, as well in the deployment of clean tech solutions or their acquisition.
We believe that the effective transfer of technologies is essential in ensuring that sustainable development practices are adequately implemented. This includes transfer of technologies and know-how from the academic sector to the industrial sector, among industries, and between developed and developing countries.

Through strong relationships with the academic sector and our network of international experts, we help our clients identify leading thinking and scientific theories, in addition to best practices. Transcarbon works actively in close connection with the world’s most prestigious research institutions to find cutting edge technology matching the needs and greatest challenges of its clients.

Both present and future human generations require new environmental solutions and Transcarbon has proven expertise in intellectual property and technology transfer strategies. With years of experience in developing clean technologies, our aim is to facilitate the development and implementation of a new generation of tools and mechanisms most suitable to help reduce the threats of climate change and environmental degradation at the lowest possible cost.