Bee Ghin Yeoh
Specialist in Environmental Technology, Green Technology, Energy and Low-Carbon Technologies
Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering, B.Sc. in Chemistry
Low-Carbon Technologies Expert & Senior Consultant with special focus on Waste, Waste-to-Energy, Co-generation, and Energy Efficiency, Transcarbon International
Bee Ghin Yeoh possesses 40 years of expertise, gained through his tenure with the Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia, in research and development (R&D), industrial consultancy and technical services relating to environmental technology and energy technology, specializing in pollution and waste management, anaerobic digestion and bioenergy, biomass technology, renewable energy, green technology and cleaner production.

Bee serves Transcarbon since early 2014 as Low-Carbon Technologies Expert and as Senior Consultant with special focus on Waste, Waste-to-Energy, Co-generation, and Energy Efficiency. Throughout his career, he has been actively engaged in scientific and technical activities at both national and international level, having served as Project Manager for many international and national scientific and technical cooperation and official development assistance (ODA)-based programs, as well as in industry-commissioned projects and studies in the aforementioned areas. He has also been actively engaged in providing expert technical support to numerous policy-setting, issue-solving and program-steering activities spearheaded by government agencies, industries, professional bodies and other relevant science and technology (S&T) stakeholders, environment and energy programs, as well as represented Malaysia in many international meetings and conferences on scientific and environmental issues. Bee’s carbon management and climate change knowledge and experience, enhanced through his tenure of over 6 years with EcoSecurities, covers the full spectrum of the Kyoto technicalities and specific United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) processes built on his intensive engagement in Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project origination, development and management and GHG-related activities in various sectors, including renewable energy, cogeneration, fuel switch, methane capture, manure management, etc. His over 25 years of engagement in high-level activities covering various regional programs under the auspices of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Committee on Science and Technology, culminated in his appointment as Chairman for the period 2002-2005 of the Sub-committee on Non-Conventional Energy Research, which formulated and implemented regional collaborative activities in sustainable energy. In recognition of his contributions to the ASEAN S&T community, he received the 2005 ASEAN Science and Technology Meritorious Service Award conferred by the President of the Republic of Indonesia. He is a prolific scientific and technical writer, having published over 100 papers related to environment, energy, and carbon management technology in peer-reviewed journals, books, international and national conference proceedings, as well as presented at national and international seminars.

Bee holds a Doctor of Engineering (Ph.D.) degree in Environmental Engineering from Kumamoto University, Japan, and a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Chemistry from the University of Malaysia.

He is a citizen of Malaysia, a native Malay speaker, and is fluent in English and Chinese.