Carina Barres
Specialist in Portuguese and Legal Capacity Building
Lawyer (J.D.), Public Translator, Professor
Senior Consultant on Portuguese Language and Legal Capacity Building & Head of Buenos Aires Office, Transcarbon International
Carina Barres is a Specialist in Portuguese Language and in Legal Capacity Building with over 15 years of experience in teaching Portuguese and on legal topics to law students and professionals of different backgrounds at the university level, as well as in rendering legal services in the fields of civil, commercial, and administrative law, negotiating and drafting complex contracts, and as a legal translator and court interpreter in the MERCOSUR region.

Carina is the Head of Transcarbon’s Office in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from which she can easily access all airports in Brazil and other countries of the MERCOSUR region on the same day, and serves as Senior Consultant on Portuguese Language and Legal Capacity Building. She provides legal services and conducts Portuguese translation and interpreting assignments for a variety of clients. Among other assignments carried out involving Brazilian companies, she has provided legal and linguistic support for the drafting of bidding documents for major infrastructure projects, such as the construction and exploitation of airports, and advises on the registration of corporations in Brazil. Carina is familiar with Brazilian culture and local conditions, has done substantial traveling in Brazil, and has a relevant network of contacts in both the private and public sectors in that country.

She is also a Professor of Brazilian Administrative Law, as well as Civil and Commercial Law, at the University of Buenos Aires for the Program on Portuguese-Spanish Legal Translation and teaches on Brazilian Corporate Law at the Federal District Professional Association of Sworn Translators (CPTCBA) of Argentina. Prior to developing her career as an independent contractor, she served as a Legal Advisor for a multinational corporation and for the National Government in Argentina.

Carina is a Member of the Federal District Bar Association (CPACF) and the Federal District Professional Association of Sworn Translators (CPTCBA) of Argentina. She holds a Professional Degree as a Lawyer (J.D., Abogada) and in Legal Translation Portuguese-Spanish from the University of Buenos Aires Law School (Argentina).

She is a national of Argentina, a Spanish native speaker, fluent in Portuguese and proficient in English.