Ernesto Barrera
Specialist in Technology Sourcing and Intellectual Property Brokerage
M.Sc. in Applied Physics, M.Sc. in Telecommunications, M.B.A.
Senior Consultant on Technology Sourcing and Intellectual Property Brokerage, Transcarbon International
Ernesto Barrera is an analytical, results-driven, and multilingual Cost and Project Manager, with extensive international experience in delivering high technology projects at blue chip companies in various sectors, solid expertise in the R&D environment, and demonstrated abilities as team leader. Among his specialties are operations, project management, and service delivery, as well as joint venture and partnership negotiation.

Ernesto serves as Transcarbon’s Senior Consultant on Technology Sourcing and Intellectual Property Brokerage since early 2014. Additionally, he is the founder of a knowledge and technology transfer startup company specialized in photonics based in Spain, for which he has developed the technology intermediary platform. He is currently collaborating with several universities and public intellectual property brokerage agencies in patent valuation, while creating an on-line marketplace for technology transfer and open innovation focused on photonics.

Previously, after conducting a short academic photonics research assignment, he started his professional career as Field Engineer for a large multinational company and was assigned to high technological measurements in the Oil & Gas sector in Egypt and remote locations such as the Amazons in Brazil. Then he became a Business Developer for a small and medium industry (SMI) intermediary of high technology telecommunication equipment imported and commissioned to Argentina, he served as Product Manager for aeronautical final assembly lines for the Airbus A380 and A400M based in Spain, successfully establishing an European partnership with top technological aeronautical providers, and became the Technical Director and Business Developer of Technical Services for two international SMIs in Spain.

Ernesto obtained a degree as Applied Physics Engineer from the National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble (France), a Master’s degree in Telecommunications from the ITBA Technological Institute of Buenos Aires (Argentina), and an Executive Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) from ESADE (Spain). During the M.B.A. program, he helped a Photonics Research Institution to give a business orientation to their research.

He is a dual national of France and Argentina, based in Spain, and a native French and Spanish speaker, also fluent in Portuguese and English, and proficient in Catalan.