M. Ayaz Alam
Specialist in Geothermal Energy and Energy Project Development
Ph.D. and M.Sc. in Applied Geology, M.B.A. in Finance Management
Special Consultant on Chile & Senior Consultant on Geothermal Energy and Energy Project Development
Transcarbon International
M. Ayaz Alam is a geothermal energy professional with more than 14 years of international experience, including 8 years in Latin America, both in the exploration and exploitation of geothermal resources and in the development of energy projects in general.

Ayaz has a thorough knowledge of the current legal framework and regulations applicable to the energy sector, particularly in countries with potential or existing geothermal development. Also, he has extensive experience in carrying out energy projects at their various stages, including feasibility studies, analysis of possible alternatives, the fulfillment of preliminary requirements, the request of environmental permits, and the preparation of applications for funding addressed to different institutions. In particular, he is an expert on the direct and indirect application of geothermal energy. He led geothermal exploration programs, with regular field trips to the study of geothermal sources, and has participated in the logistical planning of field missions, the management of projects portfolio, the preparation of reports for submission to various organizations and of annual budgets, due diligence procedures prior to acquisition operations, negotiations with suppliers, contractors, and consultants, and the drafting of contracts.

Throughout his career, Ayaz worked on the application of geochemical techniques to the exploration, development, and monitoring of geothermal fields —green, brown, and those in production—, in diverse geographical and geological environments. He is an expert in the integration of geothermal data from geological, geochemical and geophysical research, in the exploratory drilling for the modeling of geothermal reservoirs using Leapfrog, and in well prognosis and design. He has participated in the direct application of geothermal energy, for example in subsurface heat anomaly studies to delineate favorable areas for direct use of geothermal energy in heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) system installations in the Metropolitan Region of Santiago in Chile.

Among his most prominent achievements, Ayaz has provided technical and business development leadership in Chile for Energy Development Corporation (EDC), the largest producer of geothermal energy in the Philippines and second largest in the world. In addition, while working at the University of Chile, he designed and implemented the “Geothermal Geochemistry” course to train students in the use of geochemical techniques in geothermal exploration and led the process of establishing the necessary facilities for research on the ground and the laboratory for the exploration of geothermal energy resources in Chile that later resulted in the creation of the Andean Geothermal Center of Excellence (Centro de Excelencia en Geotermia de los Andes, CEGA, in Spanish). He has published several papers in peer reviewed specialized journals and has reviewed manuscripts submitted to Elsevier, Springer Verlag and Taylor & Francis.

Ayaz holds a Doctorate (Ph.D.) and a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in Applied Geology from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, known as IIT Bombay (India), and recognized by the University of Chile with the professional title of Geologist and Doctor of Geology. He also graduated as Magíster en Administración (M.B.A.) with a major in Finance Management from the AACSB and AMBA accredited business school (Facultad de Economía y Negocios, FEN, in Spanish) of the University of Chile.
His complementary training includes courses in Financial Engineering and Risk Management from Columbia University (United States of America), Wind Energy and Organic Solar Cells from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU, Denmark) and the Advanced Seminar on International Business Issues from George Washington University (United States of America).

He is a national of India, with permanent residency in Chile and multilingual abilities. He speaks fluent Spanish, as well as English and several Indian languages, such as Hindi, Marathi and Urdu at native level.