Our Clients and Beneficiaries

We offer services worldwide to corporations of all sizes, industry associations, investors, States, governmental agencies or decentralized entities, local governments, and civil society organizations. Through the projects we develop for our clients we also create concrete benefits and advantages for their individual shareholders, constituents, or members, and for the general public.

National government.
> Feasibility study for the off-grid electrification of 500 villages using solar energy;
> Development of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project for solar energy and waste treatment programs.

An international mining and hydrometallurgical company.
> Carbon footprint valuation and strategy for greenhouse gases emissions reduction.

A national agency for solar energy.
> Environmental impact assessment for a 160 MW solar farm using concentrated solar power (CSP) technology.

National foundation for environmental protection.
> Country-specific adaptation of carbon emission factors and development of greenhouse gas emissions inventory tool.

Nonprofit organization concentrating on environmental issues.
> Preliminary feasibility study on the potential development of a CDM project for a land use and forestry program.

A major consumer electronics international corporation.
> Development of first UN-approved Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) methodology for carbon trading in the electronics industry (SF
6 abatement).

One of the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturers.
> Development of CDM methodology and project design document for substitution of fluorinated cleaning gases.

A leading memory devices manufacturer.
> Carbon footprint valuation;
> Selection and optimization of etch abatement technologies.

One of the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturers.
> Carbon footprint valuation;
> Feasibility study for abatement of Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) effluents.

A nonprofit R&D organization dedicated to applied research, in collaboration with two well-known international high-tech companies.
> Consulting services to develop a series of voluntary carbon trading projects (VCS).

A federal agency for environmental protection.
> Technical and legal advisory for implementing mandatory greenhouse gas emissions reporting regulation.

One of the most important “clean air” governmental agencies at the state level.
> Advise on world’s first F-gases emissions regulation.

One of the world’s largest semiconductor chip maker.
> Evaluation and technology transfer of low-pressure plasma technology for abatement of PFC emissions from etch processes.

The leading global provider of equipment, services and software to the semiconductor, flat panel display and photovoltaic industries.
> Emissions measurements, carbon footprint valuations;
> Life cycle analyses, environmental impact assessments;
> Process optimization, abatement systems characterization.

One of the world’s major manufacturers of chemical vapor deposition equipment.
> Energy efficiency improvement;
> Regulatory compliance consulting.

A local politician interested in implementing sustainable development projects in a small city. 
> Advise on the potential impact and feasibility of various projects affecting the environment.

A major investment manager and advisory group focused on the transition to a low carbon economy.
> Development of various Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects in different parts of the world.

A leading sustainability international consultancy company.
> Advise on the development of CDM methodology for abatement of CF
4 in the electronics industry

A large-size solar power plant developer and manufacturer of photovoltaic modules.
> Consulting on cost reduction through process and treatment optimization.

An important European producer of renewable energy.
> Environmental impact assessment;
> Photovoltaic efficiency improvement.

Thin-film solar module manufacturer.
> Photovoltaic process efficiency improvement.

A global producer of photovoltaic modules.
> HAPs, VOCs, and PFCs emissions abatement measurements;
> Particles and solid waste treatment.

These are some of the projects we develop throughout the world: