You are welcome to contact us if you would like a Transcarbon representative to participate at an upcoming public event or you would like us to design or develop a capacity building program or activity in the areas of climate change and environmental sustainability.

We will also help resolve any controversy involving environmental and climate change issues by applying the highest professional ethical standards while remaining committed to sustainable development and climate change mitigation advocacy.
At Transcarbon we are well aware that environmental degradation, poverty, and climate change have become some of the most challenging problems for humanity to solve. Consequently, in addition to being firmly committed to developing potential solutions, we support capacity building and are active advocates for sustainable development practices, including climate change mitigation and adaptation measures.

We make efforts to
raise awareness and deepen the global understanding of key issues, while promoting good environmental practices and sustainable climate change mitigation and adaptation measures, by sharing experiences and knowledge through our publications, outreach activities tailored to the needs of diverse audiences, and our participation in a variety of public and private events.

Our leadership welcomes invitations to
speak and exchange ideas in different settings and venues worldwide, from top ranked academic institutions to town meetings in rural areas, from industry specific world conferences to the headquarters of a small professional association. To the extent possible within budgetary and time constraints, Transcarbon representatives demonstrate a general willingness for participating in public events, whether debates, roundtables, workshops, lectures, or media presentations, and even in informal meetings with university students, decision-makers, community representatives, and the general public. For example, we have visited villages in Africa to explain the concept and advantages of solar energy and waste treatment to representatives of rural populations currently lacking access to electric energy and proper sanitation, in addition to meeting with the highest national authorities to discuss potential sustainable development projects and funding opportunities. Often we hold meetings with local and national government representatives throughout the developing world to learn from their specific circumstances, assess their needs and priorities, and explain the benefits of the particular projects we propose as most appropriate to undertake, from the broad scope of environmentally sustainable measures available, to foster economic growth and improve the quality of living of the general population, while generating additional revenues for the public entity.

Additionally, Transcarbon can help design and conduct or monitor sustainable development and climate change
capacity building programs within the institutional capability of its clients, as well as specific training activities for decision-makers, in addition to outreach and knowledge dissemination initiatives for the general public or a particular community of stakeholders.

As part of our sustainable development and climate change mitigation advocacy efforts, we offer
technical support and expert testimony services to contribute to the resolution of controversies that rely on environmental evidence and analysis, within our fields of expertise and in the framework of our mission and vision. Both in the context of litigation and of non-judicial remedies —in court and before administrative bodies, in mediation and arbitration procedures—, we provide expert testimony, written and oral depositions, and special reports, for the affected parties, the legal professionals, and public authorities handling environmental cases that require technical support.