Transcarbon International Corporation, founded in Silicon Valley in 2006 by Sébastien Raoux, is an independent consulting firm assisting the private sector, the public sector, the voluntary sector, and civil society in implementing sustainable development practices, including climate change adaptation and mitigation measures. Our leadership combines extensive experience in environmental sustainability —particularly in the areas of climate change, energy, and clean technologies—, as well as in business, legal, and public policy consulting.

Transcarbon’s multicultural team of experts is strongly committed to public interest causes, working on addressing climate change, environmental degradation, and poverty, by helping individuals and organizations of all types and sizes to develop and implement effective climate compatible and sustainable energy projects, in line with the best practices concerning environmental and social responsibility.

We serve our clients worldwide from our corporate address in the United States of America and key locations in both the northern and southern hemispheres through our network of consultants, with offices in Argentina, the Philippines, and Portugal.

Our Mission

To enable the implementation of sustainable development practices towards carbon neutrality, maximizing the resources and returns of our clients, while contributing to the wellbeing of present and future generations worldwide.

Our Vision

We are Architects of Sustainability, working to improve a triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profit. We make it possible for our clients to obtain concrete benefits from sustainable development practices by designing the building blocks of their own sustainability, offering them practical solutions tailored to their particular needs. Our work reflects the belief that the key to cost-effectively and efficiently reducing the ecological footprint of clients and beneficiaries is to consider an expanded spectrum of values that includes economic, environmental, and social concerns. We also believe that to build a low-carbon economy, it is essential to bridge the gap between practices, science, and legislation. We strive to show that sustainable development is achievable, beneficial, and even profitable.

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